Canyon Vista Medical Center Family Medicine Residency & Clinic

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    Continuity Clinic
    + Required weekly. This will be where residents will provide all long-term care and provide OTM to patients + Interns will be responsible for 1/2 day of clinic weekly + Residents will be responsible for three 1/2 days per week
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    + Will be every week, focused at a long-term care facility + Interns and residents will be expected to learn to provide continuity care to a panel of geriatric patients residing at the long-term care facility
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    + Required yearly + Office care and hospital neonatal care will be tenets to rotations for residents + Inpatient pediatric care will be required for senior residents
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    Ob/Gyn & Women's Health
    + Required yearly + Prenatal care, as well as sharing call on the Labor & Delivery unit + Women's well checks as well as prenatal counseling and contraception
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    Hospital & Subspecialty
    + Required yearly + 3 in-hospital rotations will be required by interns, and then at least 1 in-hospital rotation will be required thereafter + Residents will need subspecialty internal medicine training
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    Sports Medicine
    + Separate from Continuity Clinic + There will be Sports Medicine training that will be obtained during Orthopedic Surgical rotations, as well as local sports games to supervise
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    Community Medicine
    + Separate from Continuity Clinic + This will be obtained by working at community events to provide medical education, or any of the county healthcare facilities
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    Emergency Medicine
    + Required intern year and second year + Training will be performed at one high-volume ED, and will be procedure and care oriented
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